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Part-time jobs for students

Library jobs for students

Every year the Libraries employ senior and postgraduate students as part-time Student Assistants in various departments and branches of the Libraries.

Annual Posts:

Library departments and branch libraries recruit Student Assistants independently, so when enquiring about a job, you need to approach the section or branch library where you feel you would like to work.

Recruitment is usually in October / November for the following year, however this varies in some sections and branches. Look out for the advertisements for these posts on Library notice boards and the Libraries’ website.


Hours of work:  10 – 20 hours per week at times that suit both your timetable and ours.


You must be committed!

Student Assistants who resign when their workload becomes too heavy cause considerable disruption and inconvenience to their colleagues and the departments they work for … so if you decide to apply for a post, you should be certain that you will be able to work for the entire year, including the examination period.  You will not be required to work during the long vacations.   


Where you can apply:

Students may apply at any of the sections or branches listed below.  Ask for an application form at the desk where you want to work or download the form below.  Completed application forms must be submitted to the branch or section where you are applying to work.

Past vacancies:

Special Collections  ... applications closed 26 January 2016
Bolus Herbarium Library  ... applications closed 13 November 2015 Student application form (Bolus).
Health Sciences Library ... applications closed 05 November 2015 at 17h00. Student application form (HSL), (see also: Duties & Requirements).
Hiddingh Hall Library ... applications close 18 November 2015 Student application form (Hiddingh)Code of conduct.
Main Library Loans Desk ... applications closed 06 November 2015. Student application form.
Main Library Short Loans Centre ... applications closed 06 November 2015. Student application form
Built Environment Library ... applications closed 16 October 2015 at 17h00Student application form (BEL).
Knowledge Commons ... applications closed 15 October 2015 at 15h00Student application form (KC) (See also: Duties & Requirements).
Law Library ... applications closed 17 October 2014.  (See also:  Duties & Requirements and Code of Conduct)

Special Projects:

The Libraries also recruit students at other times during the year–including the long vacations–if there are special projects taking place that require extra hands.  During vacations, students may be employed to work between 10 and 37.5 hours per week. Vacancies for Student Assistants needed for special projects will be advertised on the Libraries’ notice boards and website.