WOAC planning a Sarah Baartman exhibition

31 Aug 2018 - 12:30

Statement by UCT Communication and Marketing Department

UCT artworks committee to host an exhibition
Release Date 22 August 2018

The UCT Works of Art Committee (WOAC) will host an exhibition titled “Sarah Baartman – a Call to Respond” at the Ritchie Gallery from 20 September to 4 October.

In preparation, the sculpture has been moved from its position at the Chancellor Oppenheimer Library.

The Sarah Baartman sculpture by Willie Bester will be exhibited with a sound installation featuring a poem by Diane Ferris that inspired the work. Also on exhibition will be images of the work when it was robed while still on display at the Chancellor Oppenheimer Library on upper campus. Together with these will be other artworks that foreground continued vulnerabilities around black women.

The WOAC is continuing with its programme, which includes public debates about the display of artworks; engagements with staff, student representatives, artists and members of the public; acquiring new work; and curating new collections in the various university spaces. Read the statement