Winners of the "Tell us your best exam survival tip"

2 Nov 2018 - 14:15

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Believe in yourself, your process and work hard!

Aaliyah Vayez

Eat sugar before the exam

Abdul Isaacs

Find the venue that works for you.

For me it’s the library, once I’m settled in knowledge Commons half the battle is won!!

Ailsa Mackay

Set yourself daily reachable goals so you can have a sense of fulfilment each day of the exams.

Alma Kuspert

Consult lectures on things you don’t understand

Anele Siyotula

Study smart and work hard and sleep enough

Anthony Sandleni

Delete all your social media accounts

Anza Ramagadane

Work consistently throughout the year

Aqeel Emeran

Study on time, know what works for you best. It’s important to get enough rest.

Benjamin Ntentema

Do not PANIC because you will not even be able to do the simplest questions.

Bukasa Mukuna

Give up and become a Mongolian goat herder

Cade Cannon

Read the textbook!!! Seriously I went from failing maths because I struggled to focus in lectures to getting 1sts because I was now learning at my own pace. I could just read what I didn’t understand again an I could work through relevant examples given. Very relevant to Bsc Eng. Or Bsc straight.

Cassandra da Cruz

Trust yourself, you are capable!

Christa Nsanzubuhoro

Believe in yourself, you can do it.

Consolata Nsanzubuhoro

Don’t cram. There are much easier ways to reuse. Check out SRS (Spaced Repetition System)

David Chung

Stay sane, stay hydrated. Develop a routine taskbar made for you. Attempt past exam papers, consult lectures.

Grace Mayuni

Pray, past papers. Active recall and spaced repetition.

Hizkil Thundia

Sleep well. It doesn’t help to study and be tired.

Humphrey Chiramba

Always save time to do a few past papers.

Ilse du Plessis

Meditate and Exercise!! Healthy body = Healthy mind

Jack Calland

Remember to breathe, look after your mental health and just do your best.

Jessi Africa

Complete all course notes 3 weeks before exams. Practice at least 4 exam papers starting 2 weeks before exams.

Jo-anne November

Make study notes then actually use them.

Junaid Musa

Do past papers before you start revisiting to know where your holes is?

Keeran Bezuidenhout

Start early, eat healthy, relax this is an opportunity to show how much you have learned.

Lefisoana Thabang

Try to score well in assignments so that you are able to study those essays for exam prep.

Mariam Nash

Take care of your mental and physical health. An unhealthy body and mind can’t produce good results.

Nambitha Mbane

Do as many questions as you can all this tests and exam papers provided sometimes it might help to understand concept you didn’t understand in notes.

Netshiomvani Karabo

Keep hydrated. Drinking water is essential.

Nokutenda Masiyanise

Prepare way before exams. Know your timetable (helps for preparation and reduces panic and stress). Form a study group for 2 or 1 hour a day to go through past exam papers. Avoid asking questions before or after the exam (leads to stress and loss of focus for the next exam). Get enough sleep (8 hours) before the exam day.

Ondela Mzabane

Plan backwards from the date of exam as it allows proper planning from the current point until exams.

Pieter Van Wyk

Work while there is still time. Go through all previous tutorials and past tests.

Ramaano Ramokgopa

Take time to do fun stuff. When you’re working, you’re working. When you’re chilling you must only chill.

Reliance Marema

Make acronyms out of lists

Robyn Baker

Write down key words next to each question at the start of the exam, so you don’t forget things.

Robyn Granger

If you don’t know everything start with what you know then attempt what you aren’t sure about most of the times you actually know but if you panic your brain goes numb so the ideas is to get comfortable first then attempt what is left.

Ropafadzo Chimuti

Be healthy, literally eat fruit etc. Healthy body / healthy min/ healthy marks.

Rudi Rushwaya

Make sure to get exercise! Keeps your brain healthy and is a good study break.

Ruth Amoore

Don’t change your study methods just because it’s exam.

Sam Hewat

Do revision instead of catching up.

Sinovuyo Sentile

Always revise your work.

Sipho Zwane

Finding comfortable space read then recite everything loud before I sleep.

Thandokuhle Ndlala

Use a whiteboard to jot-down the main headings & points in a section and then link them to get a broad overview before learning the details.

Tyrique Byroo

Don’t be too hard on yourself.  Go easy on yourself. Get enough sleep and ask for help if need be.

Zahraa Docrat

Study in 40 minute time intervals and have a break, this gives an incentive to cover as much as you can so that you have a break.

Zukisa Mhaka