Parents get oriented to UCT Libraries

29 Jan 2019 - 12:00
Story Carmen Louw  Photos Theresa Schoeman

UCT Library tour guides in main library foyer

The main library foyer was a hive of activity as parents were greeted by enthusiastic "Ask Me" tour guides.

Library tours began on Saturday morning next to the Vincent Kolbe Knowledge Commons, an essential digital information space for undergraduate students. The space has study rooms and IT facilities for researching, writing and printing assignments. Fellow students called "Library Buddies" are also ready to assist - one parent noting this space as a key area for their daughter to find help.

UCT Library Tour of the The Hub

Parents were taken up the foyer steps and along a stretch of passage where the breadth of the library expanded with easy access to the Loans Desk, Short Loans and Info Desk. Up another flight of stairs, they were greeted by a research wing and a terrace of rolling bookshelves with study areas and couches lined along windows, overlooking panoramic views below.

Parents asked Libraries answered

Parents inside Vincent Kolbe Knowledge Commons

Parents get a tour of The Vincent Kolbe Knowledge Commons

Questions raised during the tours provided an interesting perspective about parents expectations of the library.

What are the printing costs?

From R0.40 per page. Visit the UCT Managed Print Services website for a breakdown of print costs.

Which faculties can use the Chancellor Oppenheimer Library?

Students from all faculties make use of the Chancellor Oppenheimer Library. There are also seven branch libraries located near to the faculties they serve.

Is there transport available for students who use the 24/7 study space?

The Jammie Shuttle is a free UCT transport service that runs daily. Students can plan their library visits around the Jammie Shuttle timetable.

Is the library accessible to the public?

The Jagger Library Reading Room is open to external researchers on Saturdays from 09h00 - 13h00. Chancellor Oppenheimer Library is accessible to the public at R60 per day.

Does the library provide a breakaway area to relax?

Students can head upstairs to the Park and Read space. Relax on comfy couches while overlooking the Jammie steps below and the cityscapes beyond, or explore the leisure reading material to take your mind off studying for a while.

Do you have to be in the library to access resources?

No, access UCT Libraries online 24/7. Students can visit the UCT Libraries website and log in via the Off-campus login to access our database resources. Search Primo, the libraries discovery tool to find a wealth of academic and scholarly content, request a book and even renew one online.

Where can students get help?

The Knowledge Commons provides a one-stop shop for undergraduates. They can also pop in at the Info Desk. Not at the library? Ask a Librarian online.

Missed Parent Orientation?

UCT Libraries Information stand, Leslie Social Science Building

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