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  • Upper Campus

    Chancellor Oppenheimer Library  Hlanganani Junction Wheelchair access icon links to wheelchair access directions and mapWheelchair Access

    Upper Campus Map for Libraries
    University Avenue South Engineering Mall University Avenue University Avenue North
    Built Environment Library Library Learning Lounge Chancellor Oppenheimer Library Bolus Herbarium Library
        Jagger Library: Special Collections  


    Chancellor Oppenheimer Library Map

    Chancellor Oppenheimer Library, University Avenue

    Floor Level 1 (Library Entrance)

    Upper Campus Map of Libraries
    Research Wing The Hub Undergraduate Wing
    Government Publications Short Loans & Loans Desk Library Entrance
      Info Desk Knowledge Commons
      Interlibrary Loans  

    Floor Level 2

    Research Wing The Terrace Undergraduate Wing
    Current Journals Immelman 24/7 Books 360-799
    School Textbook Collection Books 001-359  

    Floor Level 3

    Hlanganani and Research Commons Map
    Research Wing Hlanganani
    Research Commons Hlanganani 24/7
      Hlanganani Junction

    Lower Levels

    down the spiral staircase to Immelman 2 Immelman level 1


    Wheelchair Access to Chancellor Oppenheimer Library

    Image link to UCT Upper Campus Wheelchair Access and Amenities Map

    Access from University Avenue Enter Otto Beit, take the lift up one level, cross floor to small lift, and go up another level to Cissie Gool Plaza level.

    Access from Cissie Gool Plaza Turn right up the ramp and into the Chancellor Oppenheimer Building. Pass the ATM and UCT Document Centre and take the lift to Level 1 to access the main library.

    Access from Steve Biko Students Union, North Lane Take lift down to Level 4. Go through access-controlled door immediately outside lift. Exit through access control door at reception area and enter Hlanganani through glass door directly opposite, turn left and take the lift down to Level 2. Turn right, pass the ATM and UCT Document Centre and take the lift to Level 1 to access the main library.

    Toilet Enter Level 1 of the main library, pass through security access. Take the lift to Level 2, toilet is situated on the left next to lift.

    Directions for all UCT Upper Campus Wheelchair Access and Amenities

  • Middle Campus

  • Health Sciences Campus

  • Hiddingh Campus