Open Monograph Platform: 2 new books available
Open Monograph Platform: 2 new books available
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Thursday, 30 June 2016
Name It Competition

We've embarked on a building project and want your help naming the library's new engagement space

Publication Date:
Monday, June 20, 2016 - 13:30
Digital Scholarship Workshop

UCT Libraries, in conjunction with UCT e-Research Centre, Oxford University and University of Hertfordshire, is excited to host a Digital Scholarship workshop series from 27th-30th June 2016.  Along with local colleagues and projects, we will be joined by two leading international Digital Scholarship experts, Adam Crymble and Pip Willcox.

Publication Date:
Monday, June 20, 2016 - 11:15
Open Monographs

UCT Libraries has now published the second issue of UR@UCT, the undergraduate research journal, as well as two new monographs.

Publication Date:
Monday, June 13, 2016 - 14:30
beach chairs

The library will be operating on vacation hours from 10 June 2016 - 17 July 2016. The COL 24/7 (Immelman) will be open when the library is closed. 

Publication Date:
Friday, June 10, 2016 - 11:30